Rockwell Sourcing-textile buying house and exporter of branded knitwear. We can help and guide you to the right credible source for your specific needs in buying  .Rockwell sourcing that is committed to meeting international standards of business by offering quality assurance, timely delivery and competitive prices. The administration is focused on accomplishing perfection in the textile business  by having an expertly run association with skilled work power of Merchandisers, Designers, Quality Auditors, Logistic and authoritative staff.

Managing everything from customer services to distribution, Rockwell Sourcing Textile simplifies the ordering process for fashion brands across the world.

Rockwell Sourcing play a role as a mediator between our clients and the apparel manufacturers, dedicating ourselves to sourcing the required apparel with the best price and on time delivery.

Involved in all stages of the supply-chain, we provide total quality management and significantly shorter lead times to make the best use of quick response strategy.

With the advantage of geographical positioning to major markets and necessary infrastructure, we offer high flexibility and faster reactivity to market developments.

RCL have a wide range of resources and partnerships with the apparel manufacturers who are the leaders in their fields with the reliable production techniques and experience.