Scale Keep up to date with architecture and design news on Architectural Digest, including profiles on top talent, building announcements and new projects. We are a team of Architects, Designers, and Artists based in Lahore, Pakistan. We offer a broad range of architectural and interior design services for both the domestic and commercial sector. We specialise in new design-build projects as well as refurbishment and renovations. We have also helped our clients from their business ideas to planning and execution of Architecture and Interior Design, along with Branding and Market strategies.

We believe in a 4th dimension of 'how-we-feel' with natural essence and aesthetical comfort. We help you design and build your place that way!

Our experienced designers create solutions that inspire collaboration, increase productivity, promote employee mobility and streamline space use.

We design flexible, sustainable commercial buildings and interiors that not only make use of the space to the best, but also play a prime role in providing aesthetical comfort and attraction to the customers.

Scale provide services from Master Planning to Structural, Elevational and Sectional Details, along with Project Management and Construction. Our designs are driven by a belief that the quality of our surroundings has a direct influence on the quality of our lives, whether at home, in the workplace, the cultural building or the public realm. The same thinking applies at the larger scale of infrastructures.