Aqua~Rock International was formed having experienced engineers, operators and technicians who recognize the importance of proper operations and maintenance for the successful long-term viability of advanced water treatment facilities. We are dedicated to providing superb after-market technical services through our services department, offering:

  • A single source of both supplies and services for membrane treatment systems and utilities; We will specify, procure and expedite the delivery of pumps, membranes, instruments, controls, filter, chemicals and other consumable required to repair or maintain the facility.
  • Operator instruments and in-house preparation of training manuals based upon components manufacture’s recommendations, professional experience and current best practices.
  • Emergency repair and replacement services including the manpower and equipment necessary to effectively accomplish most tasks within a short period of time, particularly under difficult and unusual circumstances.
  • Initial plant start-up supervision and / or assistance including acceptance testing and trouble shooting.
  • Complete plant overhauls and for preventative or corrective maintenance and detailed operation analysis in order to optimize the system’s long-term performance.
  • Laboratory water quality analytical services to provide a database for the selection of the optimum pretreatment system, membrane system, operating parameters and post treatment requirements.
  • Turnkey management services are available for the efficient operation of any of the five packages, whether it is an original Aqua~Rock International installation or an other manufacture’s. After a detailed evaluation of the individual system’s performance and operating requirements, Aqua~Rock International offers to operate and maintain the system on a contractual monthly fixed fee basis. This service program insures superior equipments upkeep and reduced operating costs.